•  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

On building equality.

On our unmistakeable inflection point.

Forgetting how to cook.

Small hands, small…brain? (With thanks to Elizabeth.)

Public art at 15 mph.

Need a primer on inequality in America today? Scroll down to page 10 of Sotomayor’s dissent and start reading.

Technology in the service of style seekers.

A deep dive into the current state of the death penalty.

Genius. (Via.)

Dream kitchen of the week.

Brainstorm like they do at the Googleplex.

Sensible thoughts from Leia. (Also with thanks to Elizabeth.)

Three more weeks.

 •  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

Say hello to my other favorite policy wonk.

Frightening the status quo. (Via Sam.)

A Faraday cage in the service of your social life.

Great. Now we’re normalizing anti-Semitism. (With thanks to the Trump campaign.)

On the other hand, “goodness in the world.”

All women, and men, should read this.

All women, and men, should watch this…

…and, if you’re really in a celebratory mood, this.


On words.

Save Sarah.

Tabless Thursday. (Via.)

Bookmark this.

 •  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

Well, yes (1).

Well, yes (2).

Possibly the most adorable coming out story ever.

Basic income is having a moment.

Dream house of the week.

Internet conspiracy theory of the week.


Tiny graphics on stamps!

Neil Gaiman’s hysterically funny Tumblr. (Via Elizabeth.)

In election coverage: Still unequal.

On planes: Still unequal.

Here: Not quite as unequal (and almost enough to drive me to Facebook [but not quite]).

All grown up (with a touch of equality to boot).

Bonus: Cheating on lead testing in (at least) 33 cities. Find yours!