•  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

A reminder of why Hillary.

How the radio soap I’ve followed all my life is changing policy.

“Don’t complain. Create.”

A smart way to look at the refugee human crisis.

On uniforms.

Vermont’s food trucks of summer.

Organizing to treat accidental overdoses.

The army that Hitler forgot.

Do you miss Serial? Listen to this. (And the follow-ups!)

What’s wrong with American grocery stores.

Bernie, ever kvetching. (Via Elizabeth.)

The personal is the political.

Finally, an app I’ll pay for.

 •  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

When good pins go bad.

On representational justice.

“She knows the risk, and she did it anyway.”

Gorgeous, interesting public art. (Via.)

An interesting argument for actually doing something about climate change.

Jonathan Freedland on the worldwide rage against the machine.

Speaking doubt to power.

On architecture for everyone.

Fueling my atomic obsession.

Not funny.

Thank God, the cult of Martha is alive and well.

Samantha Bee on the religious right.

Aaaaaaaaaaand…Nate Silver on how he blew the Trump thing.

 •  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

It’s about time, holy crap edition.

For transit geeks (with thanks to Elizabeth).

For my colleagues: When to fire a client.

Even if you only read the headline….

A delightful little niche museum.

Stripping discrimination bare.

C’mon, stick your neck out. (Also with thanks to Elizabeth.)

Funniest (and saddest) thing I’ve read in a very long time.

I’m all over this.

Is that why the Capitol’s deserted?

Acknowledging that we’re part of the racist culture… (Via.)

…and confronting our racism. (Yet again, with thanks to Elizabeth.)

“In the real world, it pays not to be an insensitive, judgmental prick.”

 •  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

The inimitable Terry Gross on not having kids.

Rethinking museums.

An excellent reminder of just how far we haven’t come.

It’s understandable. We all look exactly alike.

An artist shoots the LA Gun Club.

Certainty is preposterous.”

Shame on my alma mater.

Prince, consistently making the world new.

A cautionary tale.

Apparently, it’s not just a movie.

Two giants, one fighting to keep its position.

Dream house of the week.

Why Hillary deserves her diversity credentials. (Via.)