•  The Friday 13

The Friday 13.

This weekend: Many holidays in confluence. Much merriment to be had. Much eating and drinking to be done. Let’s get to it…but first, some fun to start you off.

An excellent Valentine’s Day gift, if you go in for that sort of thing.

IKEA emojis! (Of course I did.)

Just in time for the coldest air of the year…check out this minimal but cozy house (not too far from us!).

Staying neutral in Vermont.

I’ve done this, and it is absolutely not fun.

Take my advice: Make this (it works with eggplant, too!).

Introverts (that’s me) in love.

Seriously considering dropping some bucks for this.

How the NBC Nightly News blew up.

What your winter will be like in 2100 (there’s a summer link, too!).

Trust me when I say this information will be useful to you someday.

Heaven for Royal watchers.

If you have an hour this weekend, and you haven’t heard this episode of This American Life, listen.

And finally…a Valentine’s Day bonus link: best adaptive reuse of a site name EVER (via On the Media).